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Hard Charging Litigation Practice.

Your litigation goals are our only priority.

Kelly & Associates has a robust litigation practice.  We understand that advocating for individuals and businesses is one of the most important roles that we play in the overall system of justice.  We also know that litigation can be expensive, time consuming and taxing.  As such, we work efficiently and practically to resolve the litigation to meet our client’s individual goals.  We believe in thorough preparation for strategic advantage.  At all stages of the litigation, we evaluate our overall strategy.  Where possible, we attempt to resolve litigation early.  We are committed to advising our clients about alternatives to litigation, such as mediation before a neutral party.  At all stages, we aggressively pursue and promote our clients’ interests in any dispute.

As a relationship-based firm, Kelly & Associates takes the time to truly know our clients, to understand their industries and all the factors involved running a successful enterprise – and the factors that can undo it.  When we prepare for trial, we put decades of courtroom experience and legal expertise to work building a bullet-proof case.  Whether we represent you as a defendant or plaintiff, as part of your existing legal team or as lead counsel, we are not only prepared for the fight, we are prepared to win.  We are the kind of lawyers you don’t want to see on the other side of the courtroom—aggressive, smart, creative, thorough and engaging of the jury.

Not all cases resolve without trial, despite conciliatory efforts.  Before trial, we strategically plan our discovery with the ultimate goal in mind.  We thoroughly prepare our clients and witnesses for giving testimony so that they can feel comfortable with the process.  We assess whether legal motions are appropriate before trial and are well versed in presenting persuasive legal argument in writing and before the court.  We also know that by thorough preparation and great strategy, we obtain the best result for our clients in settlement and at trial.  We are creative thinkers and bring all of our resources to solve complex legal issues and meet our clients’ goals.