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Vanessa M. Kelly was trained by the Superior Court of New Jersey as a civil mediator.  She uses her litigation expertise and experience to help litigants find creative and practical solutions for their disputes.  She thoroughly believes that litigants are best served when they can craft their own solutions, rather than rely upon a judge or jury for resolution.  Focusing on problem solving rather than relying on legal theories allows both sides to find common ground, giving space to air each point of view and set of criteria.  And mediation is often a quicker and more economical way to reach an agreed settlement.

The advantages of mediation include:

  • Far more economical compared to litigation
  • Much less time consuming
  • Mediation allows scheduling flexibility at the convenience of the parties, unlike court
  • Confidentiality is maintained – what happens in mediation stays in mediation
  • Litigants have a say in their fates – they are not subject to the decision of third parties

In addition to the training mandated by the New Jersey Supreme Court for its mediators, Vanessa has completed training from the Center for Negotiation Strategy and its “Cutting Edge Negotiation Strategy for Lawyers” program offered by Harvard Law School.  She is also required as a mediator to keep her skills sharp by engaging in continued focused legal education in the mediation arena.